Autour du Mont et Xhofraix

From the Youth-Hostel in Beverce up the hill along side the "Rau du Tro Maret" where the last Km was on the GR56.

After crossing the N68 walking downwards till the "Rau du Pouhon" and following that river where it joins the "Bayehon" and further to the junction of the "Bayehon" and "La Warche". Then we followed the "Warche" till the starting point.

We were joined on our tour by some Buzzards and later in the forest we heard a lot of "Goud haan"/"Goldcrest" ,"Regulus regulus" or the "Vuurgoudhaan"/"Common Firecrest","Regulus ignicapilla"

Halfway water poured heavily out of the sky till almost at the end of the trail.